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Yeast two-hybrid cDNA library construction service

Yeast two-hybrid cDNA library construction service 
The establishment of the yeast two-hybrid library is based on the understanding of the regulation of the transcription initiation process of eukaryotic cells. Many eukaryotic transcription activation factors come from two separate, functionally independent domains. However, a separate DNA binding domain cannot activate gene transcription, and a separate transcription activation domain cannot activate the UAS downstream genes. The DNA binding domain and transcription activation domain have to be combined to derive the complete function of the transcription activation factor.

The yeast two-hybrid library can be used to study the interaction between known proteins, to find the domain that plays a key role in protein-protein interaction and to discover a new protein interaction with target proteins.

The yeast two-hybrid library has the following applications:
1) Interactions between new proteins and protein identification
2) Protein cascade substrate identification
3) Effects of mutations on protein and protein binding identification
4) Identification of interfered protein among known interactions.

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