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In Vivo toxicology service (mouse, rat)

In Vivo toxicology service (mouse, rat) 

We offer preclinical in vivo toxicology services to advance IND to phase 1 clinical trials. In Vivo toxicology studies focus on toxic effects of chemical substances based on statistical and quantitative analysis.

Toxicology studies can include acute, subchronic and chronic toxicity tests. Acute toxicology studies focus on the toxicological effects following a single large dose of the substance of interest. For longer term studies subchronic and chronic studies are done to simulate long term use of the drugs and their subsequent adverse effects. Subchronic toxicology studies include repeated small dosages of the test substance over a period of time up to 90 days. While chronic toxicology studies focus on the long term effects of the test substance over periods of months to years. Implications of these toxicology studies can lead to phase 1 clinical trial should the test substance show promising results and minimal toxicological, carcinogenic and mutagenic effects. Studies can range from acute to chronic exposure treatments.

The variation in time and amount of test substance in taken by the subject helps create dose response curves to determine thresholds of biological activity associated with the test substance as well as levels of toxicity. Through in vivo toxicology IND studies, a variety of factors are tested to determine everything from acute toxicity to reproductive toxicity. Additional studies focusing on pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and ADME processes also contribute greatly to the INDs application. Included in a full report summary of toxicity are urinalysis, bioanalysis, chemistry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and histopathology results.

The IACUC regulated animal facility and GLP compliant laboratory provide a perfect research and development environment for our clients’ pre-clinical research needs.

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