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Peptoid-ligand Services

Unique and specific ligands to target proteins play an important role in academic research, clinical diagnostics and drug discovery. Currently, small molecules, peptides or even antibodies have been investigated as novel ligands to disease-related proteins. However, the diversity limit of small molecules and the low stability of peptides and antibodies have hindered the identification of suitable drug candidates for some disease targets.
Peptoid peptide molecular comparison
Peptoids, oligomers of N-substituted glycines, were developed as peptide mimetics for the generation of chemically diverse libraries of novel molecules. The chemical structure of a peptoid shifts the side chain of peptides from α-carbon to nitrogen. From highly diverse peptoid libraries, unique peptoid ligands have been identified to several disease-related targets, including the β4 proteasome subunit, VEGF receptor 2, Huntingtin polyQ expansion.

Advantages of Peptoids vs. Peptides
Larger selection of side chains
Greater diversity of combinatorial libraries (up to 1010)
Better solubility and cell membrane permeability
Excellent resistance to proteolytic cleavage
Longer in vivo half-life
Enhanced bio-availability

Applications of Peptoids
Candidates for drug discovery
Autoantibody profiling for biomarker discovery
Substitute for antibodies in immunoassays
Activation or neutralization of proteins
Blocking assays
DNA/RNA binding studies

We offer the most comprehensive Peptoid Service program anywhere. Let us tailor a complete solution for the discovery of a novel ligand to your protein of interest.
Generation of peptoid libraries
Screening for peptoid ligands & drug candidates
Affinity enhancement of peptoid ligands and drug candidates
Custom peptoid assay development
Custom peptoid synthesis

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