Strategic collaborations are an important part of Sunomix Biosciences growth. It is through collaboration we are able to provide you with all custom products and services needs. Sunomix Biosciences business development team welcomes your ideas of partnering in the development of your new services. Sunomix Biosciences has excellent references and collaborators. We partner with companies on many levels.
• We like to be viewed as an extension of the sponsors organization and that they can rely on us to develop their confidential research and provide timely results for their studies from discovery all the way to IND enabling submitable reports.

• We can develop umbrella agreements to support the sponsors research for all their custom products and services needs at a cost effective solution. This model is proven to be cost effective in line with the industry trend as many companies are geared to Contract Research Organizations outsourcing while they focus on the science.

• Sunomix Biosciences (SBS), Inc.,  continue  collaborative research between SBS and University of California Irvine. UCI will use SBS’s proteome technologies to identify biomarkers associated with Herpes Vaccine. “This is an unprecedented opportunity to exploit SBS’s unique technology platform to advance our understanding of protective immunity against Herpes, and thereby accelerate development and licensure of a highly effective Herpes vaccine,”.

• Sunomix Biosciences Research encourages research and development by providing the opportunity to partner in novel drug development ideas and pioneering treatments. For more information send an email to