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Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services

Dependable and Affordable DNA Oligos and DNA Probes

We are a leading supplier of long DNA oligos. With cartridge (BAP) purification system, we deliver highly competitive DNA oligos at high purity level – shorter oligos (<20 bases) could reach as high as 98% – yet the cost is much less than HPLC or PAGE method. DNA oligos produced by the BAP cartridge method have such high purity that they can be directly used for any downstream experiments such as PCR, DNA sequencing, gene synthesis and mutagenesis.
Highly competitive.
Synthesize DNA oligos up to 180 bases.
Scale from 50nmol to 20µmol.
4 grades are available: Desalted, BAP-Cartridge, PAGE and HPLC.
Wide range oligo modification services.

Scale Method
50nmol Desalted
100nmol Desalted
200nmol Desalted
50nmol BAP Cartridge
100nmol BAP Cartridge
200nmol BAP Cartridge
100nmol PAGE
200nmol PAGE
400nmol PAGE
100nmol HPLC
200nmol HPLC
400nmol HPLC

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