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Microbiology Services

Adenovirus Amplification, Large Scale

Large Scale Amplification with Ad.MAX™ System & 2xCsCl Purification:
– Exceptional gene delivery efficiency (nearly 100%) for in vivo studies
– No integration into host genome
– Induce high-level transient protein expression.
– Accommodate inserts of up to 8 kb.

Service Description:
1. Generation of high titer recombinant adenoviral stocks in ~4000 cm2 of Ad.MAX™ 293 cells.

2. 2xCsCl ultracentrifuge for highly purified adenovirus.

3. Adenovirus PFU titration.

Required Materials: Customer provide adenovirus vector or select our pre-packaged adenovirus vectors.

Turnaround Time: 1 ~ 2 weeks.

Deliverables: >2.0 ml (10×0.2 ml) super purified adenovirus particles at >5E+10~5E+11 PFU/ml* suitable for in vivo studies (OK for animal injection).

Custom-Designed Studies in Virus Production

We have the expertise to grow a variety of different viruses and to bulk produce many types of tissue culture cells. Please call for additional information.
Our regularly works with clients to expand and purify viruses needed for research or other studies. In the past we worked with HHV6, MVA, Vaccinia, SHIV and many other viruses.

The capabilities exist to provide crude preparations of the virus as well as virus purified using a sucrose gradient. These capabilities allow us to provide both small and large volumes of virus at low and high titers.

shRNA Adenovirus Production, Full Service Large Scale

Recombinant Type 5 shRNA Adenovirus (E1/E3 deletion) with Ad.MAX System:
– One-stop service: from shRNA design to packaging.
– Unsurpassable high infection efficiency.
– Quick turnaround time: 3 to 4 weeks.
– Cost-effective.
– Special design request acceptable, FREE!

Large shRNA Ad.MAX™ shuttle vector collection offers tremendous flexibility for choosing a specific promoter and reporter.
Single-promoter Ad.MAX™ shuttle vector

Dual-promoter Ad.MAX™ shuttle vector

CMV, CAG , H1, U6, Synapsin, UBC, EF1α, ALB(1.4), ApoE/AAT1, CaMKII

eGFP, RFP, mRFP, TurboGFP, eYFP, Venus, Luc, LacZ

Service Description:
1. Synthesize and clone shRNA into adenovirus vector.
2. Initial adenoviral stock production.
3. Adenovirus amplification from ~4000 cm2 Ad.MAX™ 293 cells.
4. Adenovirus purification via 2xCsCl ultracentrifugation.
5. Recombinant adenovirus PFU titration.

Required Materials: Sequence of gene of interest or shRNA.

Turnaround Time: 3 ~ 4 weeks.

Deliverables: >2 ml of high purity and high titer (5E+10~1E+11 PFU/ml*) adenovirus stock suitable for in vivo studies (OK for animal injection) .

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