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Phage Display Library Screening Services

Phage Display Library Screening 
Our staff scientists have extensive experience in screening of phage display peptide, cDNA and scFv/Fab libraries. In particular, by conducting library screening, panning, for 4 cycles, we normally get scFv/Fab antibodies of an affinity of 10-7 By constructing serial sub-libraries of the isolated scFv/Fab antibodies, Our protocol allows increase of the affinity of the scFV antibodies from 10-8 to 10-9. We have successfully obtained a scFV antibody that has an extremely high affinity of 10-12, whose binding to the antigen is essentially irreversible.

Phage Display Libraries:

Libraries commercially available
In house premade libraries (HuScL®, HuSdL®, HuFabL®, MuScL®)
Custom constructed library or libraries from the customer

Purified antigens;
Un-purified antigens;
Intact cells, tissues or any in vivo selection systems required by the customer.

Identify enzyme inhibitors
Map epitopes on antigens;
Select new antibodies;
Discover/validate new therapeutic targets;
Discover interaction between ligand and receptor;
Select any peptide/protein binders

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