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Custom-peptide-array Services

Peptide library is a systematic combination of different peptides in large numbers. With a 106-well, high throughput peptide synthesizer, we can simultaneously synthesize 106 different peptides (6-22 aa) per run at the most economical cost. Each peptide undergoes rigorous quality control to avoid any cross contaminants before delivery. This system is ideal for library peptide synthesis where a few milligrams of a large number of peptides are required at crude levels.


For peptides between 6 and 22 amino acids
Scale from 2.5µmol to 50µmol
Modifications include labeling, the incorporation of unnatural amino acids, biotin and fluorescence
No cross contamination
Standard turnaround: 2 weeks

Price per Peptide (in US Dollars)

* Take a 12 mer peptide as example, 2.5µmol is equal to ~3.0 mg, 50µmol is equal to ~30mg.

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