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Custom Antibody Production Services

Sunomix Biosciences offers custom antibody production services to the scientific community to accelerate a project From Biology to Discovery™. When the antibody for a chosen antigen is not already available off the shelf, it is time to develop a custom project. We want an antibody that specifically detects the antigen in the chosen application.

Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

We offers different options to develop a monoclonal antibody with preset properties. Proteins, peptides, modified peptides, or cells can be used as antigens in mice and rats.

Protein: With 2 mg of protein as antigen, we generate a set of monoclonal antibodies against the target protein for assay development. We purified 10 mg of antibody within 5 months.

Peptide: We produce clones against a short region of the target protein. We designs and synthesizes the best peptide candidate from the protein sequence. We purify 10 mg of purified antibody within 6 months.

Modification-containing peptide: For monitoring target activation by phosphorylation for instance, a phosphopeptide is used as antigen to generate phosphospecific monoclonal antibodies. We purify 2-10 mg of antibody within 6 months.

We offers complimentary peptide design services to ensure the success of the project.

Monoclonal Antibody Services
Protein mAb Combo
Peptide mAb Combo
Modified Peptide mAb Combo
Peptide synthesis up to 20 aa, purity>90%, 15-20 mg
Phospho-peptide synthesis up to 20 aa, purity>90%, 15-20 mg
Peptide-carrier bioconjugation

Animal immunization (5 mice), serum titration and spleen collection
Hybridoma fusion, screening & subculture
Antibody Production & Purification (2 clones up to 15 mg)

Every antibody project is supplied with a Peptide Design and Project reports, when applicable. We guarantee that the antibody generated using an antigen synthesized by us will recognize the antigen in ELISA.

Althought most projects can be completed within 5-6 months, actual processing time is dependent on the peptide synthesis, animal immunization processes and clone subculture. Please contact the Technical Service Dept for updated timelines. Estimated delivery times are stated on all quotations.

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