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Cell Line Identification Services

Cell Line Authentication Services
We are committed to assisting the research community with proper cell line documentation through its Cell Line Authentication and Mycoplasma Detection services. We offer the most comprehensive testing available. We uses DNA STR analysis, examining 17 highly polymorphic genetic markers, more than twice than is recommended. A DNA profile is generated, uniquely identifying the cell line. Authentication will ensure the research has been conducted using the correct cells, maximizing reliable results, supporting publication efforts and reducing the risk of wasted time and resources. A researchers reputation could also be adversely affected by publishing results from contaminated cell lines.
We uses STR (Short Tandem Repeat) Analysis in Cell Line Authentication.

The DNA profile generated for Cell Line Authentication utilizes STR analysis of a number of highly polymorphic unlinked loci. Each locus is characterized by a motif of repeat units typically 4 bases in length. The number of repeats detected in a DNA fragment identifies each allele. For example, if the designation at the D5S818 locus is 14, 16, two DNA fragments were detected; one with 14 repeats and one with 16 repeats. The loci used for Cell Line Authentication are utilized for human identification for paternity and forensic analysis and are not designed to detect non-human DNA. Cell lines established from different human sources will possess different DNA profiles.

Stem Cell Characterization 
Stem cell research requires cellular and molecular tools to confirm pluripotency or to help determine the utility of cells in downstream experiments. Whether analyzing proliferation, protein levels, gene expression, or epigenetic profiles, We have the right instruments, products, and services for your research.

Characterization of embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells by pluripotency protein or RNA marker kits and stem cell gene arrays:

Pluripotency Markers (Protein):

Ready-to-use pluripotency marker kits and reagents for the identification of pluripotent ESCs and iPSCs by immunocytochemical and enzyme activity analysis
Pluripotency Markers (mRNA):

RT-PCR Pluripotency Marker Kits to confirm the pluripotency of ESC and iPSC lines with well-established pluripotency markers.
Stem Cell Array:

Stem Cell related Gene Arrays (miRNA, TF, cDNA and gene expression).

Individual components including solutions and secondary antibodies for our stem cell characterization kit
In addition to standard marker screening and differentiation assays, we will help our clients to develop and implement client-specific assays across numerous platforms.

Flow Cytometry
Differentiation Assays
PCR-based assays

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