Whether you are looking for your first job, or considering a career move, we understand that you will weigh the rewards and benefits a company has to offer.

Sunomix Biosciences offers a wide variety of benefits and programs designed to make it easier for you to balance work and everyday life.

Below is a short summary of the benefits we provide our employees:

Medical Plans

Employees have the choice of three medical plans, an HMO, PPO or HSA PPO.

HMO – Select a primary care physician who will coordinate all of your medical care. There is no deductible and minimal co-pays.
PPO – Choose your own doctors for your entire healthcare needs. There is a deductible for individuals and families as well as co-pays.
HSA PPO- Choose your own doctors for your healthcare needs. Deductibles are higher than the PPO but co-pays are similar.

Vision Plan

In addition to the vision benefits bundled with our medical plan, Sunomix Biosciences offers dedicated vision coverage through VSP. Eye exams, lenses, and frames are covered with minimal cost to the employee.

Dental Plan

We have a great dental plan available to our employees. Preventative care such as cleaning, x-rays, and diagnostics are covered 100% with no deductible.

Flexible Spending Accounts

For certain health and dependent care expenses not reimbursed by insurance programs, employees may enroll in the Flex Plan, which allows expenses to be paid with pre-tax dollars rather than after-tax dollars.

Participation is optional and employees decide whether or not, and how much, to contribute to their spending account. There are two accounts, one for health care and one for dependent care. Employees set aside money for these accounts through convenient payroll deductions which are made on a pre-tax basis so that employees reduce their taxable income.

The Flex Plan Dependent Care Account may be used to pay for dependent day care expenses incurred by the employee and spouse while working or attending school.

Life Insurance Plans

All regular full-time employees of Sunomix Biosciences are covered by a company-paid Term Life Insurance plan. The benefit of the plan is equal to one times your annual base salary.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans

If a regular full time employee becomes disabled or unable to work, Sunomix Biosciences’s Short-Term and Long-Term Disability benefits will help to provide weekly or monthly income. This benefit is paid for by Sunomix Biosciences, at no cost to the employee.

Paid Time Off

The company maintains a Paid Time Off (PTO) Benefit, which allows eligible employees to receive their wages while off work for vacation, personal or family business, and personal or dependent illness or emergency. The PTO benefit is designed to allow for the rest and relaxation of regular employees, as well as to minimize the financial hardship that would otherwise confront employees who are required to be absent from work due to the above situations. The purpose of a Paid Time Off program is to recognize the diverse situations in which employees have needs for time off and allows eligible employees to receive their wages while managing their own time off from work.

Full time employees begin accruing fifteen (15) days during their first year of employment. PTO accrual increases by one (1) day each year up to a max of twenty five (25) days.


Sunomix Biosciences currently designates eleven (11) holidays as company-paid days, five (5) of those days are during the company wide shut down the week of December 25th.

401k Retirement Plan

Sunomix Biosciences has an excellent 401(k) retirement plan. Under the provisions of the plan, employees over 21 years of age are eligible to participate on the first day of the month after their start date.

Contributions from 1% to 99% of an employee’s salary are allowed. The Internal Revenue Service sets a maximum contribution level each calendar year. Sunomix Biosciences will match 50% of the first 6% deferred every year.